01. Grandma said she was feeling okay, but I think I could [detect] a bit of depression in the way she was speaking.
02. Some diseases are [detectable] at birth, and can be dealt with right away.
03. The early [detection] of skin cancer has saved many lives.
04. The [detectives] assigned to the murder case interviewed the suspect for over five hours.
05. Every apartment should be furnished with a smoke [detector] in the halls and kitchens.
06. He was questioned by [detectives] in regards to the murder.
07. The U.S. has special airplanes that are capable of avoiding [detection] by radar.
08. The kids wandered around the beach with a metal [detector], looking for lost coins, watches and stuff.
09. The investigators were able to [detect] small amounts of radiation coming from the nuclear power facility.
10. The early [detection] of cancer is important in fighting the disease.
11. Unfortunately, many birth defects are not [detectable] before a baby is born.
12. Scientists are now able to [detect] certain people that are at risk of having a heart attack.
13. The sonar system of the submarine apparently hadn't [detected] the small boat that it hit while surfacing.
14. The doctor was able to [detect] the beginnings of breast cancer, and ordered immediate treatment to stop it.
15. Frank A. Clark once said that it's hard to [detect] good luck because it looks so much like something you've earned.
16. William Inge once suggested that originality is simply [undetected] plagiarism.
17. There is an Italian proverb which observes that between two cowards, the first to [detect] the other has the advantage.
18. The smell of a skunk can be [detected] by a human over a mile away.
19. A dolphin's hearing is so good that it can [detect] underwater sounds from 15 miles away.
20. Breast cancer can often be cured if it is [detected] early.
21. An x-ray of the teeth is one way of [detecting] decay which cannot be observed simply by looking into the patient's mouth.
22. A complete early [detection] plan for breast cancer includes monthly breast self-exams, and clinical breast examinations by a trained medical professional.
23. [Detecting] regularities in behavior through observation is an important part of the scientific method as applied in the field of psychology.
24. Something's wrong with my computer; it's not [detecting] the CD burner.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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